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UCSF doc pens bestseller on aging

UCSF doc pens bestseller on aging

By Sari Staver

While aging presents challenges for everyone, LGBT people who plan to grow old in San Francisco will have more than their share of obstacles.

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By by Veronica Dolginko | May 29, 2019

Local attorney Jim Haas has written a book about the history of San Francisco's Civic Center.

By Brian Bromberger | May 29, 2019

It all began with a sleepless night in June 2014. Mason Funk, a writer and producer of nonfiction TV programs for Discovery Channel, A&E, Fox Sports, and others, began reviewing his life from the time he knew he was gay, realizing how much it had changed.

By Brian Bromberger | April 24, 2019

One never knows what treasures they might find in an attic.

By Brian Bromberger | October 17, 2018

Perhaps the best way to characterize Camille Beredjick is atheism with a smile.

By Brian Bromberger | August 15, 2018

For readers bewildered by how to make sense of gender today, a new book by sociologist Arlene Stein, "Unbound: Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity," recently published by Pantheon Books, follows the journey of four patients.

By Brian Bromberger | June 20, 2018

New book examines the intersection of drag and camp within the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

By Brian Bromberger | April 4, 2018

Mark Dowd has experienced two vocations. One was a calling to the priesthood, which didn't last, but the second was to journalism, which wound up becoming his life's work.

By Brian Bromberger | February 14, 2018

With his recent vulgar ranting about "shithole countries" vis-à-vis immigration, President Donald Trump has once again been accused of being a racist, which makes Randy Boyd's new e-book, the perfect opportunity to discuss race relations.

By Brian Bromberger | December 20, 2017

They may be the worst eight words a gay man can hear - "I have bad news on the HIV test" - but health journalist John-Manuel Andriote endured them in 2006 when he received an HIV diagnosis, turning his world upside down.

By Mark Abramson | June 14, 2015

San Francisco, Mid-1970s. A perfect place at a perfect time. Mark Abramson's memoir is the next best thing to being there, and here's a sample.

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